SafeView 1.0

Protecting media from being stolen is a big concern to media professionals. I have developed the following easy to use system to provide the highest level of protection available on the web with the least amount of trouble to the viewer. I am providing this free of charge to the multimedia community.

This system will work on any server that has a perl compiler which can handle non-parsed headers. It protects the following types of media (however, it is easily upgradable to include other media types) It protects against: WARNING: This does require some knowledge of html and perl. Although the system is defaulted to provide a basic display system, the interface can be customized if you know your way around html and some perl.

Safe Display of a QTVR

Safe Display of an Image

Get the file and uncompress it. They are available as either:

Mac Users (safeview.sit.hqx)

PC Users (

Put the file in your cgi-bin directory. Also, put the safeview folder and it's contents in the cgi-bin directory. You can rename the folder but make sure to type in the new name in the variable declarations area in the file well.

Besides the support images in the safeview folder, you will put your media there as well. You will then call your media from another webpage as such:
That's it. Very simple right now, and not very nice image portrayal, but you can customize it alot if you know html. The program is very small and easy to understand. I will be happy to clarify how it works. I hope this is of service and I thank all those who helped to test it.

Mike Carambat