Because of the incredibly dynamic industry we are in, we have lots of experimental projects in the works. In true renaissance style we are developing ideas in many different fields. Feel free to sample some of the envelope pushing concepts we are pursuing, but keep in mind, most of this is still incomplete and may not work perfectly as of right now.

SMALL PRINT: The ownership of these scripts and technologies remain the sole property of Design Wizardry Studios and cannot be copied or used without express written consent of the owner. They are here simply for demonstration and entertainment value.




Javascript based Movie player[click here]
Javascript based VR player[click here]
Javascript based Chess Game[click here]
Javascript based Chat program[click here]
Javascript based Fullscreen VR player[click here]
Safeview Image Protection[click here]


John Carter of Mars Unofficial Fansite[click here]
Nautilus Experimental Watercraft[click here]
DIY One-Shot VR Rig[click here]
Unusual Telescope Designs[click here]
Astrophotography[click here]